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Increasing Productivity

At Prime Financial Recruiting, we take time to get to know each candidate to ensure that they fit the job description and desired qualifications. Ideally, we also endeavor to ensure that the work environment is a good fit for the candidate. While the standard for some time has been to stick an employee in an office from 9-5, more companies are starting to work with their employees to create the most productive environment. Here are some facts to consider:

1) Some employers agreed to participate in a study, which found that employees only spend about 45% of their time at work actually working.

2) Another study found that overtime increased the risk of mistakes by 61%.

3) Yet another study found that the longer employees work, the lower they perform on cognitive function tests.

4) Some of the richest countries in the world work their employees less than the United States.

5) Just before this blog was scheduled to be posted, a new study came out, showing that employees have a slump in their day -- seven hours after they've woken. This is the ideal time to have a lunch break.

Ryan Carson, CEO, reduced the 40 hour work week at his company down to 32. He immediately saw an increase in productivity and profits. As he puts it, “It’s not about more family time, or more play time, or less work time—it’s about living a more balanced total life."

There are more ways to increase productivity than decreasing work hours. Consider that some people aren't morning people, so they likely shouldn't come in early. Some people work better remotely, in a small office, or in a large office. Perhaps they work best listening to music. Are they better in person or on the phone?

Getting to know the people you work with and how they work best can go a long way to increasing productivity, Why is it so important? Employees who were unable to be productive cost companies $100B each year. This number only accounts for those who could not work due to unavoidable circumstance on their part, such as waiting for a client who will call you "right back" or the cashier who has to stay at her station but has no customers. Find out how often those around you have lulls in their day and see what can be done. A little change can go a long way to reducing that $100B loss.

If your work environment is less than ideal, give us a call! (469) 909-1259.

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