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Stephen Weed
Founder / Executive Recruiter

Stephen started his career in the engineering field with Bell Labs and Lucent Technologies before entering the executive recruiting industry in 1998. He has been involved in 3 successful startup recruiting companies as an employee, partner, and original founder of Prime Financial Recruiting in 2013.

Nathan Weed profile Picture.jpg
Nathan Weed

Nathan originally worked part time with the company while finishing school doing everything from LinkedIn recruiting to data entry, web development and bookkeeping. He is extremely versatile and loves budgeting, organization and structure. Today he provides all of the back end operations support needed to keep the company running smoothly.

Jaden Weed Profile Picture.JPG
Jaden Weed

Jaden completed his dual credit high school and associate's degree program at age 18. He is ambitious and a straight shooter that isn’t afraid to call things as they are. Today he conducts LinkedIn recruiting as he continues his education.

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