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How to Catch a Monkey

“Your life changes the day that you make a decision.” - Tony Robbins (Motivational Speaker / Life Coach)

There are times that the pursuit of something great requires we make the choice to give up something good. If you want a great job, you have to make the choice to leave the good one. If you want to move into your dream house you have to make the choice to move out of your current one. Holding on to what you have could prevent you from finding something better, and I would like to share an illustration that highlights my point.

How to catch a monkey.

Get a large, clear jar that has a narrow neck. The opening needs to be barely wide enough for the monkey to slip its hand into. Fill the jar with enough rocks so that it is too heavy for the monkey to carry the jar. Fill the rest of the space with monkey treats.

When the monkey comes to eat the treats it will slide its hand into the jar and grab a fistful of them. When this happens the monkey’s fist will be too wide to get out of the jar without unclenching its fist. So the monkey, in order to escape the trap, must let go of the treats it has ahold of, which it won’t do. The monkey will stubbornly hold tight to what it has and the monkey-catcher can leisurely walk over and cage up the monkey.In order to gain its freedom the monkey must let go of its treats.

Even though the real life application of this story never seems to be as extreme, a lot of people will go through life holding onto the treats in their fist instead of making the decision to change.

If the job you have now is good, maybe it could be better. Reach out to Prime Financial Recruiting and see how we can help.


Stephen Weed (CEO)

Jonathant Craig (President)

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